Top 10 JavaFX Open-Source Projects for Desktop Development

Are you a Java developer looking to create stunning desktop applications? Look no further than JavaFX! This powerful framework allows you to build beautiful, responsive, and feature-rich desktop applications with ease.

But where do you start? With so many open-source projects available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. That's why we've compiled a list of the top 10 JavaFX open-source projects for desktop development.

1. JFoenix

JFoenix is a JavaFX material design library that provides a set of UI controls and CSS styles for creating modern and responsive desktop applications. With JFoenix, you can easily create buttons, dialogs, text fields, and more, all with a sleek and consistent look and feel.

2. ControlsFX

ControlsFX is a library of custom JavaFX controls that extends the functionality of the standard JavaFX controls. With ControlsFX, you can add features like auto-complete text fields, notification panes, and progress bars to your desktop applications.

3. RichTextFX

RichTextFX is a library for creating rich text editors in JavaFX. With RichTextFX, you can add features like syntax highlighting, code folding, and auto-completion to your text editors.

4. TilePaneFX

TilePaneFX is a layout manager for JavaFX that allows you to create responsive and flexible tile-based layouts. With TilePaneFX, you can easily create grids of images, buttons, or other UI elements that adjust to the size of the window.

5. JMetro

JMetro is a JavaFX theme that provides a modern and sleek look and feel for your desktop applications. With JMetro, you can easily apply a consistent style to all of your UI elements, including buttons, text fields, and menus.

6. FontAwesomeFX

FontAwesomeFX is a library that provides a set of icons from the FontAwesome icon font for use in JavaFX applications. With FontAwesomeFX, you can easily add icons to your buttons, menus, and other UI elements.

7. FlexGanttFX

FlexGanttFX is a library for creating Gantt charts in JavaFX. With FlexGanttFX, you can easily create interactive and customizable Gantt charts for project management or scheduling applications.

8. JideFX

JideFX is a library of custom JavaFX controls that provides advanced features like docking windows, tabbed panes, and ribbon menus. With JideFX, you can create desktop applications with a professional and polished look and feel.

9. TornadoFX

TornadoFX is a lightweight framework for building JavaFX applications. With TornadoFX, you can easily create UI components, handle events, and manage data bindings in a concise and intuitive way.

10. FXGL

FXGL is a game development framework for JavaFX that provides a set of tools and utilities for creating 2D and 3D games. With FXGL, you can easily create game objects, handle collisions, and manage game states.


JavaFX is a powerful framework for creating desktop applications, and with these top 10 open-source projects, you can take your applications to the next level. Whether you're looking to create a modern and responsive UI, add advanced features to your controls, or create interactive Gantt charts or games, these libraries have got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring these projects today and take your JavaFX development to the next level!

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