Must-Have JavaFX Tools for Desktop Development

Are you a Java developer looking to create stunning desktop applications? Look no further than JavaFX! This powerful framework allows you to create beautiful, responsive, and feature-rich desktop applications with ease. But to make the most of JavaFX, you need the right tools. In this article, we'll explore some must-have JavaFX tools for desktop development.

Scene Builder

Scene Builder is a visual layout tool for designing JavaFX user interfaces. With Scene Builder, you can drag and drop UI components onto a canvas, arrange them as you like, and preview the results in real-time. Scene Builder generates FXML code, which you can then use in your JavaFX application. This makes it easy to create complex UIs without having to write a lot of code.

Scene Builder is available as a standalone application or as a plugin for the NetBeans IDE. It's an essential tool for any JavaFX developer, and it's completely free!

Gluon Mobile

Gluon Mobile is a set of tools and libraries for creating mobile applications with JavaFX. With Gluon Mobile, you can create native mobile apps for iOS and Android using JavaFX. Gluon Mobile provides a set of pre-built UI components that are optimized for mobile devices, as well as tools for building and deploying your app.

Gluon Mobile is available as a plugin for the NetBeans IDE, and it's free for non-commercial use. If you're looking to create mobile apps with JavaFX, Gluon Mobile is a must-have tool.

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is a powerful IDE for Java development, and it has excellent support for JavaFX. With IntelliJ IDEA, you can create JavaFX projects, design UIs with Scene Builder, and debug your code with ease. IntelliJ IDEA also has a wide range of plugins and integrations that make it easy to work with other tools and frameworks.

IntelliJ IDEA is available in both free and paid versions, and it's a great choice for any Java developer.


JFoenix is a JavaFX library that provides a set of material design UI components. With JFoenix, you can create modern, responsive UIs that look great on any device. JFoenix provides a wide range of UI components, including buttons, text fields, dialogs, and more. It's easy to use and integrates seamlessly with Scene Builder.

JFoenix is available under the Apache 2.0 license, and it's completely free. If you're looking to create modern, responsive UIs with JavaFX, JFoenix is a must-have tool.


ControlsFX is a JavaFX library that provides a set of custom UI controls and components. With ControlsFX, you can create UIs that go beyond the standard JavaFX components. ControlsFX provides a wide range of controls, including a spreadsheet control, a notification pane, a rating control, and more.

ControlsFX is available under the BSD license, and it's completely free. If you're looking to create custom UIs with JavaFX, ControlsFX is a must-have tool.


TestFX is a testing framework for JavaFX applications. With TestFX, you can write automated tests for your JavaFX UIs. TestFX provides a set of APIs for interacting with UI components, as well as tools for simulating user input and verifying UI behavior.

TestFX is available under the Apache 2.0 license, and it's completely free. If you're serious about testing your JavaFX applications, TestFX is a must-have tool.


JavaFX is a powerful framework for creating desktop applications, and with the right tools, you can create stunning, responsive UIs with ease. In this article, we've explored some must-have JavaFX tools for desktop development, including Scene Builder, Gluon Mobile, IntelliJ IDEA, JFoenix, ControlsFX, and TestFX. Whether you're a seasoned Java developer or just getting started with JavaFX, these tools will help you create amazing desktop applications.

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